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Getting Rid of Pests Before a Firewood Sale

Best Firewood Pest Control Strategies

Many people appreciate having a wood-burning stove or fireplace in their homes for the coziness, warmth, and ambiance it can create, especially during the chilly winter months. However, because many domestic pests might be brought in with the firewood, the firewood that is brought into the house for that fire isn’t necessarily quite as cozy. Luckily, controlling firewood pests mainly involves keeping it properly outside and giving it a quick inspection before bringing it inside or using it for firewood sale purposes. Here are some tips to keep bugs out of your house caused by firewood.

Never store stacked firewood indoors.

There is no place within the house, cellar, or garage where firewood should be kept. In addition to the firewood pile’s potential to serve as an alluring haven for rats or other animal or insect pests, insects may emerge and settle within the building.

Keep firewood away from structures.

Since pests that consume wood can quickly burrow from the wood into the structure, woodpiles shouldn’t ever be kept close to a house or other buildings. This means that when you stack wood up against your house, you are practically luring bugs that eat wood inside. The ideal distance between firewood storage and a building is three feet.

Firewood should be kept away from trees.

Insects from the firewood pile, such as bark beetles, might travel over to the live tree and tunnel beneath its bark, causing serious harm. Thus, avoid piling wood next to or close to living trees.

Put the firewood in a raised stack.

The wood can be kept from coming into contact with the ground by using concrete blocks, bricks, or firewood grates. Keeping the pile’s airflow open also contributes to fewer moisture issues, which in turn assist keep insects away.

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