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Tree Service for a Pest-Free Tree

Pests That Are Found in Trees

Providing sufficient amounts of nutrients, water, and the sunlight is the best approach to taking care of the trees on your property. Their health may be impacted by other variables, such as a pest infestation. When certain insects infect trees with diseases and deprive them of nutrition, they may cause problems for the plants. The result is a significant reduction in the trees’ strength and lifetime. You can safeguard your trees and guarantee their strength and health by taking the necessary care of them. Our skilled tree service contractors can provide you with information on various pests and how to create a regimen for taking care of your trees.

Bark Beetles

Bark beetles come in a variety of species and can harm both hardwoods and conifers. The diseases that the beetle spreads do more serious harm than the insect itself. As they migrate from tree to tree, the beetles spread the disease by dispersing spores.

Scale Insects

Produces leaf yellowing, stunted development, branch dieback, and tree mortality by feeding on the inner layer of a tree’s bark. On leaves and twigs, scale insects leave behind a layer of sooty mold that can also be identified by the colorful clumps they form.

Asian Longhorn Beetle

The infected tree becomes weakened and crumbles as a result of deep feeding galleries. Asian longhorn beetle infestations may be detected by yellow or drooping leaves, pencil-shaped exit holes, and sawdust accumulation around the tree’s base. Pests can be disseminated by moving firewood or other wood waste from host trees.


Consume the sap found in tree leaves and stems to produce honeydew, a sticky syrup that is left behind. Large aphid infestations can inhibit the growth of new leaves and result in distorted, curled, or yellowish leaves.

Gypsy Moth

The moths lay a large number of eggs, which hatch into ravenous larvae as the leaves appear in the spring. The larvae of the moth destroy hardwood trees, particularly oak, birch, elm, and maple.

If you’re having issues with your trees, especially with insects, then you should call in experts to help you. If you’re looking for a trusted tree service provider in Clifton Township, PA, know that you can always count on Reasonable Tree Experts. Learn more about the services we have to offer by calling us at (570) 215-8781.